The Wiseman Mug

I very much do love a tasty coffee in the morning. There’s something beautiful about sitting back after a good stretch, slowly bringing the delicious life elixir to your lips and greeting the new day with a nice hot wet kiss. Coffee. Man is it just a treat. 

I started really drinking it religiously around 17. I’d had my flings with some sweeties out there- an orgeat mocha can very well change one's life, but nothing ever serious. That is until I started opening up the coffee house in the mornings. Getting up early, making a fresh cup before the morning rush. It was some of my favorite times as a broista, the solo early bird hours at the coffee house. Cranking some good tunes as you prep the place before you unlock the doors and let the zombies in. The Dutch Bros Coffee House. That’s where I first fell in love with the bean.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to taste some pretty delicious coffee. I’ve also had some straight doo doo. Good or bad, the thing I love the most is the ritual, the habit, the warm cup in your hand. If all is right in the world I am sitting at home, in the piano room, breathing in the new day with a mug of home brew. What can I say, I love me a good mug.

The mug is important to me. Special. It does hold the most precious liquid inside so I just think they’re kind of a big deal. I have a few favorites for sure, the Haunted Mansion Wallpaper, the Sweet 16, the Cribbage L, or the always satisfying Lions, but the one that takes the cake for me is the Wiseman Mug. 

When my Dad was in college- Sco Ducks!- his roommate went onto become a dentist. As my Dad ran the family farm, his former roommate and best buddy Greg ran a dental practice in town. Every winter Greg and a bunch of other dentists would head on out to Montana for a long ski filled weekend. Dad was a phenomenal skier, but an even better social butterfly, and so Greg always invited him along. This was my Dad’s annual getaway for himself to recharge and have some good bro time with his buddy. A dairy farmer in the world of dentists. Growing up this was the mug he used at the farm, a reminder of the fun, as well as something to look forward to.

I love sippin out of this mug. It reminds me that there’s fun out there in this life, and that sometimes the most fun is when you’re the odd one out. You see, the most important thing is to be yourself, no matter how different that may be from the rest. Let me tell you, when you’re just waking up and taking those first few sips, there’s something powerful about being reminded to be you. It’s a pretty Bitchin way to start the day. Cheers.