Golf is amazing- to get outside, get some steps in, soak up some vitamin D and hang with your buddies trying to see who can get the lowest score. I love golf.

I first started golfing when the dairy farm I grew up on was shut down. We converted the old 200 cow dairy into Dutcher Creek Golf Course. It was the summer heading into my 8th grade year. 

My first set of clubs were all TaylorMade. “Burners” for the irons, and the RoHo II for the putter (my Dad played with the  Roho III). 

The irons are long gone, I sold ‘em years ago, but I still have the putter. In fact I still use the RoHo II all the time. I played with it today in fact. 18 holes at Grants Pass Golf Course and there’s one thing that I know for certain.

3 putts are the worst.

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting on the green in regulation, and just shorting your putt by a good yard or two. That’s when the head game goes into full steam and you literally have to tell yourself to stop overthinking it as you’re standing over this par putt that should have been eazy peazy lemon squeezy, but now- NO NO NO. You push as it doesn’t even kiss the hole. Birdie to Bogey in a wave of frustration. 

This is golf. This is why I love this game.

You’re damn right I still have the RoHo in my bag. I’ve been playin with it since 1995. Almost 30 years of holdin hands. We’re committed. This is my putter, and we will battle through the horrid 3 putts together. Now it’s not always 3 putts. Sometimes it’s the easy tap in. A gimme. A putt so close that you don’t even have to take it. This usually happens when you chip it tight, and even the occasional deep shot that rolls just right, snuggling up close to that pin like it's a warm fire on a cold day.

What I love about the RoHo is that it’s always an option anywhere around the green. Puttin from the “Frog hair”, or just off the fringe, or the rough on those hillsides, the RoHo will not let you down. It’s putts like these that make moments legendary. There’s nothing like pulling out the RoHo from the bag, walkin’ up to your ball, reading the line, picking your line and just sending that ball to its home. The moment you realize it has a chance to be legendary. There’s nothing like watching that ball turn over as it side doors it in, or even better- right through the heart. You pump your fist, you high five the group and you reach into the hole and pull out the ball victoriously. What a time to be alive.

It’s nice to take chances, and with the RoHo, there’s always a chance, so why not take it. Why not be legendary, at least until the next tee box.

Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself, “You gonna RoHo it?”.